World War Z by Max Brooks


⛰ What It's About

An oral history of a zombie outbreak set in the future. The story is told through a series of interviews with many different characters around the world at different points of the war. Overall, it's a story about humans vs. zombies and the strategy needed to prevail and save mankind. I recommend the audiobook version, much better than the movie.

🔍 How I Discovered It

I discovered this book through a Reddit list of "Best Audiobooks of All-Time."

🧠 Thoughts

World War Z was my first foray into the oral history genre and I liked the layout of it very much. I listened to the audiobook version, so I'm not sure how engaging it would be if you read it instead. I also listened to it as I was recovering from LASIK surgery, so I was able to binge it across a couple days.

The perspective from which it was told, through interviews with "survivors," was interesting. Though I guess I would have liked to be "in" the story a bit more during the action. Overall an engaging and relatively short listen.

What I Liked About It

I'm a big fan of all things zombies so the apocalyptic genre appeals to me. The oral history portion of it was interesting. I really liked the characters and the different actors used in the audiobook version. The different voices really made the audiobook come alive and the story feel real.

What I Didn't Like About It

I would've liked a bit more action, but as the novel was an oral history the perspective was told from a lens into the past.

Although it was interesting to jump around to different parts of the globe, I would've liked to see a bit more character development from a shorter list of characters. I found it a bit difficult to really invest in any one character.

🥰 Who Would Like It?

Someone who is into zombie stories or likes oral histories. This novel would be good for someone who is about to embark on a shorter (10-15 hour) car trip and wants a good horror movie as a companion.