The Boiling Point Podcast & Video

I joined Dave Veale and Greg Hemmings on their podcast, The Boiling Point.

From the podcast description:

Are you curious about how feasible being a #DigitalNomad actually is? Worried about missing out on career growth or opportunities in your personal life? You need to listen to our guest, Steve Anderson, who shows how being a Digital Nomad does not mean you miss out on career success or community networking. It’s all about building the lifestyle and career path that interests you.
Steve chose pre-pandemic to start his remote management consulting firm after realizing that he wanted a different lifestyle while traveling in Thailand. For two years, he built his company while not being tied to a physical location, and when the pandemic hit, he was in a position to assist other companies trying to figure out how to make remote work, work. Steve was also able to turn an idea he was using during the pandemic to find leads for his business into its own company and offering.