Baseball Jobs Overseas Podcast & Video

I joined the team over at Baseball Jobs Overseas, Dave Burns and Jimmy Jensen, for a chat regarding my baseball career, my circuitous path to professional overseas baseball, and how I ran my business, CoLo Consulting, remotely while playing baseball.

From the podcast description:

Steve Anderson was burnt out on baseball after his D1 career playing for Georgetown University. He hung up the cleats and started focusing on his career as a business consultant. Fast forward almost a decade, Steve finds himself living on the Mediterranean coast while playing in the French first division and working remotely. Listen to Steve's story in this two-part interview.
Part 1 focuses mostly on his baseball experiences abroad playing in France and for the Baseball Jobs Overseas Globetrotters at Finkstonball and Prague Baseball Week.
Part 2 focuses on his early baseball years, how he built up a business which allows him to work remotely, and how he ended up dusting off the cleats once again.

Part One

Part Two